Breaking Out -
A Personalised Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs

16 years career with top companies and the government. 10 years as a 6 figure entrepreneur. 3 times burnout, one which led to being warded through A&E.
No stranger to stress, self doubt, guilt and anxiety.

If you’re wondering why I include the last 2 lines above in my experiences, it’s because I want you to know that I’ve been there too.

And if you: 

  • Struggle to grow your business and attract more paying clients
  • Feel like giving up because nothing works despite taking up courses or implementing  tips from business experts
  • Feel lonely, lost and disconnected in your entrepreneurship journey 
  • Wish you could you could have some kind of genie that tells you what to do for your business 
  • Feel overwhelmed in running your business
  • Struggle with burnout and want to quit
Here’s what you’ll get from Breaking Out:
A customised three session coaching package at USD380 where you’ll receive:
  • A Neuro Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) personalised report that describes your best self and when you’re stressed.


  • Your best self is when everything is working well for you. You’ll understand the gifts you have and how you naturally flow in your energy that creates that magic and alignment for you, thus producing the results you want.


  • When you’re stressed, your thoughts and feelings are obvious to you. However others could have a totally different experience and impression of you. This gap works against you by creating confusion, miscommunication and possibly obstruct buy-in from your prospective clients, actual clients and team members.


  • From your report, we’ll then discover how you can use your best self to overcome the limitations that you’ve experienced.
  • We’ll also be looking at your preferred social construct. For some, they thrive best in 1 to 1 relationships. For others, knowing the role they play in a larger community works well for them. The least preferred construct is often the weakest link and we’ll delve into that to discover how you can pivot in your relationships and communications to create the results you want.
  • In addition, this NLE report, unlike other Enneagram tests out there, does not push you into a premade mold but rather, brings to light the unique nuances you have that sets you apart from others. No 2 reports are alike.

  • I also believe our emotions are important and not less important than our thoughts. We can, in fact, use our emotions as a key leverage in our business. Our emotions can help us create clarity, act as an early warning system when things start to divert off course.

  • I’ll also guide you through a self coaching model so when you find yourself in a funk, you can use this to pivot intentionally into a more resourceful state.

  • At the same time, I’ll also equip you with a unique modality that uses essential oils to support rewiring your beliefs at a subconscious level while you work on your conscious thoughts with the self coaching model. Both go hand in hand.

  • Each session can be scheduled as monthly or fortnightly. We can always discuss! 

You’ll get excited when you realise:



how you can use your gifts to not just thrive in your business, but also get immense satisfaction and pleasure out of the whole journey too



what has subconsciously held you back and how you can course correct on



Rewrite your beliefs to support you to your highest potential



Pivot from self doubt and self blame to mining the gems of your experiences for your self growth and business growth



The art of reframing to shift yourself to a more empowered state and open up more choices for yourself and your business


Self Awareness

Catch your blindspots where your limited beliefs could be lurking in



Shift from the belief of hard sacrificial hustle to flowing into life affirming work that brings joy, deep meaning and profitability to you


Life Skills

Get clear and stand in your power instead of falling into the comparison game

Why work with me?

Since 26 years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by how we are designed to thrive. I believe that when we’ve deepened our relationship with self, our choices exponentially expand and we reclaim our power, instead of letting circumstances override us. 

In creating my 6 figure income business, with a 30k+ members regional community, I’m also exceedingly blessed to have the opportunity to teach companies and coach team members and clients through their own journeys too. 


I’m certified as a

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming 
  • Neuro Linguistic Enneagram coach

What do you need to know about this package?

The Breaking Out program includes:

  • 3 session coaching package customised to your needs, priced at USD350
  • Your unique Enneagram profile, that shows your best self, stressed self, autopilot behaviour + thoughts as well as your social constructs
  • You’ll get to choose whether we meet on Zoom every fortnight or monthly. Though we can definitely tweak it to our schedules too! 
  • Each session would be 1 hour, dates and timings to be confirmed between us

If this excites you, click here to arrange for a free Clarity Call. In this call, we can speak to:

  • What your goal is?
  • How you can be set up for success
  • For both of us to decide whether we’re a good fit for each other as client and coach.

Email me here  and I’ll be happy to clarify or provide further details.

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