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Neuro Linguistic Enneagram

Deep dive into your strengths and blindspots with the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram and modern proven methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming in getting the results you want.

From Overwhelm to Oasis

If life feels like lurching from day to day in a haze of exhaustion, this program helps you to create that epicentre of oasis, where you can create more joy, flow and ease for yourself. 

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Get my top 20 essential oil recipes on looking good, feeling good and living that gorgeous life. 

Download my free oiling for babies and kids guide and gain confidence in this natural wellness modality!

Download my free oiling for babies and kids guide and gain confidence in this natural wellness modality!

Download my free oiling for babies and kids guide and gain confidence in this natural wellness modality!

I’ve always been highly resistant to coaching sessions however, coaching with Faith is akin to talking to a gd friend who will help open ur eyes to new possibilities and insights that u have never known. Faith gently questions, allowing u to come to ur own conclusions. At the same time, you will feel safe speaking your mind with her as she listens whole heartedly, genuinely trying her best to understand ur situation.The Enneagram session will open your eyes to how you are like as a person. More importantly, it will point out which areas you not only excel in, but how those areas can also be improved upon.I highly recommend going for a session with Faith to understand how you are as a person, how you function, and how you can thrive and do better!It was a engaging, eye opening session and I definitely recommend it to anyone! 🙂

KerYew Ng Coachee

The Enneagram session for me and my team was quite an eye-opener with facilitator Faith and Norce. We discovered new things about ourselves that we were not aware of. The sessions allowed us to clear up the air about some of the way we work. It was really useful for our team as we reached new understanding with each other's flaw and strength. We were also made aware of how much potential each person in the team has and how we will be like if we are at our best.

Ranna Seah Coachee

I organised a 2-parts Enneagram session with Faith and Norce for my work team. Whilst prior to the session, the 3 of us (in my team) have been long time friends and have learnt to work out our differences in the realm of work; I believe we came out of the session with deeper insights that helped us understand why the differences in the first place. The learning session gave us an opportunity to understand the needs, blindspots; and therefore working styles of the different Types. And with the facilitation, each of us practiced offering and requesting support in much more defined ways that helps us integrate with each other in the work environment.I also appreciate Faith's intuitive hunches during the sessions. Her sensing, gentleness and yet insightful queries often nudged me to take one more step deeper into reflecting about how my innate Type characteristics have played out unconsciously in the work dynamics. Her grounded-ness and kindness held space for safety in sharing and exploring.These are the kind of developmental work that I certainly think many more can benefit from individually or as teams/groups!

Kai Tan Coachee

Thank you Faith for doing the Enneagram profiling test on me. It was quite eye-opening for me, as it reveals my true self. I learned interesting insights about myself (strength and weakness) and also having a better understanding of the people around me, this would help me with personal growth and having better communications with people. Enneagram is fun in-depth and very interesting.

Stefanie Neuro Linguistic Enneagram Coaching Testimonial

Enneagram is new thing for me. From conventional test, I know that I am combination of choleric melancholy。Knowing that I am enneagram type 3 is revelation. I am glad that I finally know my strength and weakness from this type and how its effects on people around me. In the session with Faith,the one I took notes of is how I can be in healthy states se l can be useful for me and ppl around me.

Fince Enneagram Test

After practicing what Faith taught me, the most significant I feel is I learn to take things easy for certain things so I can feel at ease. Every time I had somethings on my mind, I could not sleep and I felt restless. Now I can sleep better after practicing breathing techniques and murmuring “all is well”. I can also say “No” for things I cannot do. I learn to prioritize myself instead of putting myself last. I am still practicing.

Katrina Coachee

I had my NLE coaching session with Faith and I have found it to be very insightful and enlightening for me. I especially love the profiling test, which shows my healthy states, and how I behave under stress as according to my enneagram types. The test was also very helpful for me as it combines traits of my top enneagrams, thus it's not "boxed in". It's amazing how accurate the test is, and Faith is such a great coach! She is very patient and nurturing, and her coaching facilitates my process to unravel my personality traits, allowing me to better understand myself. Thank you Faith!

Winnie NLE coaching session

Just ended a coaching session by Faith Teo and I'm quite amazed by how I feel now after that one hour。I love how she holds a non-judgmental and empathetic space and empowers me to try out the self-coaching model she just taught me。She gave me lots of space and time to change or add my responses,and to pause for reflection and processing of emotions。She spoke very little,but I feel very supported and validated throughout the session。I love the part when I was inhaling lavender to process some tough feelings,and when I looked up at the screen,she was inhaling some oils too!That moment helps me to deepen my connection with her。Thank you so much for your beautiful session,Faith!I went in feeling a little panicky and uncentered,but now I managed to unwind a huge insight。It feels quite surprising seeing now that I've been trapping myself in a hole and now it's a relief and empowering experience to be finally out of that hole.

Bingz Coachee

The role-playing really helped and the mentors popping in the rooms were good to see if we were doing the appropriate thing.

Cris de Leon Hinlo

I like how Faith is patient and listens. She creates this safe space and ask me questions, gives me time to reflect and derive the answers myself. When I feel stuck, she is calm and gentle in her manner, in helping me get unstuck and providing me the tools to find my aha moments in my coaching journey with her.

Wendy Coachee

I learned the challenges that come with being a coach. I also learned how to be a better listener in general.

Cara Coachee

I like that Faith and Jonathan were very accommodating, answering questions patiently. I enjoyed this last session when we had to practice what we learned to be a coach to another person. It was helpful that Faith and Jonathan were doing the rounds in the different breakout rooms to help us out with our coaching. Thank you, Faith and Jonathan!

Grissel Gomez Coachee

I appreciated the questions which guided us. I also appreciated the frameworks used and the clarity of what coaching is and what it is not. The role-playing was a very useful exercise. The facilitators were very accommodating. knowledgeable and they were good communicators.

Cathy Alegre Coachee

For me everything went well. Loved the practice session on coaching and I can't wait to use that with my members. You both did a great job making the information easy to understand. -

Vanessa Co Coachee

I like the format of tonight's session. The guide questions helped during the practice coaching and it helped that you visited the rooms and gave feedback as we practiced. The debriefing / sharing of the experience afterward also helped because we got to learn from what the others experienced. -

Karen Guevara Coachee
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