A Personalised Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs

16 years career with top companies and the government | 10 years as a 6 figure entrepreneur | 3 burnouts – one which led to being warded through A&E .

I am no stranger to stress, self doubt, guilt and anxiety. If you’re wondering why I include the last 2 lines above in my experiences, it’s because I want you to know that I’ve been there too.

If you:

  • Struggle to grow your business, feel burnt out and want to quit
  • Feel overwhelmed and want to give up because nothing works despite taking up courses or implementing  tips from business experts
  • Feel lonely, lost and disconnected in your entrepreneurship journey
  • Wish you could you could have some kind of genie that tells you what to do for your business

Here is how the Overwhelm to Oasis customized coaching session will help you.

Since 26 years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by how we are designed to thrive. I believe that when we’ve deepened our relationship with self, our choices exponentially expand and we reclaim our power, instead of letting circumstances override us.

In creating my 6 figure income business, with a 30k+ members regional community, I’m also exceedingly blessed to have the opportunity to teach companies and coach team members and clients through their own journeys too.


• Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Neuro Linguistic Enneagram Coach

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