If gaps in your schedule, flow in your days and breathing space to just be, is a pipe dream for you, you’ll need to read on.
I’ve created Overwhelm To Oasis for the ambitious. Who are spinning many plates but also expect themselves to do well in all of them.
This is for you if you are:
  • Feeling exhausted by trying to finish that never ending to-do list
  • Defeated by how time seems to race by and that you have barely accomplished anything in your day
  • Wishing that each day is 48 instead of 24 hours
  • Frustrated, resentful, overwhelmed or burnt out
Then take a look at this course where I cover:
  • How to create your best energy for each day
  • Finding your pockets of time even if you feel that your schedule is super packed
  • Actionable tiny tips on converting heavy drudgery to flow and ease
  • Using the best of technology to do the heavy lifting
  • Mindset shifts that will energise you and your days
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Since 26 years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by how we are designed to thrive. I believe that when we’ve deepened our relationship with self, our choices exponentially expand and we reclaim our power, instead of letting circumstances override us.

In creating my 6 figure income business, with a 30k+ members regional community, I’m also exceedingly blessed to have the opportunity to teach companies and coach team members and clients through their own journeys too.


• Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Neuro Linguistic Enneagram Coach

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