I grew up feeling that I never quite fit in.
To most people, I was too sensitive, too emotional or I take things too seriously. It was only years later, when I’ve hit the 6 figure mark and beyond in my business, that I realised these qualities are actually my superpowers. They are what that got me here.
This is the space that I hold for you too. 
For anything you feel in you, that is “too this” or “too that”.
Because blending in, muting your voice doesn’t serve you nor anyone else.
In this space, we learn how to set our voice free.
How to be YOU even when you feel shaky about it.
Or believing the lie that you’re just not good enough.
And when it feels a lot easier to plunge into the shame pool, you pivot instead and soak yourself in deep self compassion.
In this space, we hold steadfast, to what we stand for.
Even more so, when that tiny voice despaired, why are we not there yet?
Evoke joy even in the mundane moments.
Distill wisdom even from the painful present.
But most of all, creating a life that you love. So very much.
I’m really glad you’re here. Welcome.

• Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming

• Neuro Linguistic Enneagram Coach

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