Have you heard of the Hero’s Journey? When I first heard of it in my 20s, it gave a name and form to what was beckoning me within. You might have heard that beckoning within you too. Where a whisper in your heart says… “I could do this too. I love this!” Or your body thrums with excitement and satisfaction and you literally got lost for hours in what you are doing.

Then adulthood takes place and the voices of the naysayers got stronger.

“I don’t think you’ll succeed.”
“You? Really?!”
“Let’s be realistic here for a minute.”

It might have come from your loved ones or even well meaning friends. Or even from you. But I believe that every single one of us are alive here for a reason. For a purpose.

So what’s yours? Are you ready to start your journey?

Be your own hero. 

And welcome to the rest of your life.

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