Baby Smooth Skin Hacks

  1. Cracked heels? Dry soles? Soak in warm water and then scrub. Then apply either Rose or Animal Scent ointment on your soles and wear socks for the night. Continue with the ointment treatment for 2 nights and your feet will be as smooth as a baby’s! 2. If you’ve worn heels or boots […]

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Love, Rose

  It’s no secret that this household loves Rose!! So when YL USA did a 15% off Rose, a bunch of us jumped onboard and grabbed it. Squeeee! I am loving the idea of women (and men!) pampering themselves with it, whether in a luxurious beauty serum, diffusing la Rose in the home – diffusing

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Self Care with Guasha

  This week, we have 80 self care packages going out to some of our SG team members! I’ve quickly done up this video to show you how to enjoy your guasha (gua sha) with your Rose eo roller! Eh please use your Rose ah…. you are worth it, don’t say you can’t bear to

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