Love, Rose


It’s no secret that this household loves Rose!! So when YL USA did a 15% off Rose, a bunch of us jumped onboard and grabbed it. Squeeee!
I am loving the idea of women (and men!) pampering themselves with it, whether in a luxurious beauty serum, diffusing la Rose in the home – diffusing 2 to 3 drops will have the smell LAST FOR DAYS! – or even just rubbing a drop or two over the heart.
If you are reading this post and go
“Eeks! But the price is so high and I CANNOT BEAR to use it!”,
then I’ll say,
“Use it! Because you are WORTH IT and nothing is more wasted than oils that you BOUGHT AND DON’T USE.”
Some ways we use Rose for:
🌹 Jonathan Teo loves his Rose! He brings it in his pouch and generously offers to his friends when he meets them. Ya including the males. Hahahaha.
🌹 When we are fighting the blues and need a pick me up, every Teo gets a Rose drop. That goes for tantrums, low spirits, feeling discouraged or demotivated.
🌹 We ran a Feb giveaway in this FB group and we are so happy to bless 8 Rose rollers to our people! So Jon, aka Mr Rose has been blending your Rose rollers for ya!

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