Chaotic Bedtime Story Telling


Recently I have been telling bedtime stories to my kids in a bid to:
1. Get them off the iPad and wind down for bed.
2. Get them to sleep by a certain time.
And well if you picture me reading a storybook to the kids and they snuggling together quietly under the blankets, well… you have underestimated how the Teo kids are like. 😛
Story time starts with both kids demanding what characters they want inside. And of course due to their current obsessions, Ju always want a princess in the story and Sol, police and “solgiers”.
Unfortunately most of the times, as Mama tries to tell the story, the kids get more and more WINDED UP. Like EXCITED. 😮
Geez how can it be?! It’s a bedtime story for goodness sake. But excited they are, sitting up, even standing up and jumping in and taking over as the storyteller. Sometimes parading around the room and acting the part of their beloved characters. (Come back! Sit down! Mama is now wringing her hands in despair.)
So last night I tried something different. I diffused Lavender and brought the Lavender bottle in. And I told them to take a drop each, rub on palms and inhale deeply. And as I talked about the princess and the police and soldier, I weaved Lavender into the story too. (Ya it was my desperate attempt to get them to huff more Lavender. Sleep quickly leh!!) 🤦‍♀️
So the policeman has been angry really often…. and needed Lavender to calm down…
Then there is the solider is clumsy, falls a lot and it’s Lavender to the rescue for those bumps and scrapes…
And for the princess, she wants her beautiful hair to be longer so Lavender it is!
Every time I talked about Lavender, I get the kids to dab it on their favourite soft toy, rub in Ju’s hair or rub it on Sol’s head. I also hoped that with these stories, our little ones learn easily how to use our YL oils too.
True enough last night they fell asleep before 11 pm. Tonight Mama will do better! 😛

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