7 Beliefs that got me to go WTF but does make sense


Decided to pen all these down one night before I forget!

1 . Some things especially the truly important ones takes a long time to appear. A long, long time.

And yes, consistency, belief and taking the actions is part of the equation too. This especially goes for stuff like business success and financial abundance.

2. Much as I parent my kids, my kids parent me too!

They’ve shown me some of my beliefs that needed updating and got me to question some of my “but it’s done this way!” approach too.

3. Doing something while feeling major resistance is TOUGH. Persisting with it is STUPID.

I’ve learnt I’m better off asking myself why and find out what’s going in my psyche first, instead of whiteknuckling and butt clenching my way through.

4. I’m learning to ask myself better questions so that I can get to better answers.

Especially when the initial question led me to nowhere. In general, any questions that help me narrow down to the specifics of the situation are more helpful.

5. In anything I wanna succeed, ya sure skills, experience, brains are important.

But none is as important as having an unshakable faith in myself.

6. Excelling at laziness while still producing results is the smart thing to do.

Even if others disagree. And they usually disagree cos they feel they’ve something to prove.

7. The brain prioritises having pleasure, avoiding pain and conserving energy.

So it makes sense to create experiences where we have one or a combo of them to sustain our journey.

Which one makes you pause and go hmmm?

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