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*Slique Shake back in stock!*
So I got my twin pack promo Slique Shake in Dec, thinking that I wanna lose weight, have more energy, yada yada…. I only finally got to drink it in Jan and here’s my experience!
I decided to have it for breakfast. To be honest, I wasn’t very used to drinking my breakfast, and drink it cold. I was more used to having a hot yummy breakfast at the… coffeeshop. Hahah. Yes, not the healthiest breakfast at those neighbourhood kopitiam.
But anyway I persevere. At first I mix Slique Shake with nut milk or coconut water but this awesome tip by KerYew Ng got me to try it with Ningxia Red!
Result? It’s very tasty and yummy! I also add Mineral Essence to my shake too for a mineral boost. Plus it hides the yucky taste of Mineral Essence (shudders) so I am so very grateful for that!
As I got more used to my cold breakfast, I found myself looking forward to it. Plus I find myself more energised and lighter in the morning, without feeling the heaviness of a carbo heavy breakfast like I used to. 😍
Coffeeshop breakfast in the morning now has ZERO appeal for me right now. I like the ease and convenience of spoon spoon, add liquid, stir and go! You know us busy women / mommies / superwomen, always rushing, got things to do. 🤣
Bonus: My 3 year old Sol also now helps me make my Slique Shake! So it’s a nice bonding time as he pours and mixes for me solemnly and then counting my supplements afterwards as I’ve shared here – Bottoms Up!
The SAD thing is as I wanted to get my Slique Shake again for Jan, it’s sold out!! BAWLS. I am eagerly waiting for it to be back in stock, hopefully in Jan since YL SG has the same twin pack promo again till 31 Jan!
So if you are like me, looking for an easy breakfast idea, you might wanna try Slique Shake too! Well… I say you don’t try… you RUSH TO YL and BUY when it comes back in stock. Muahahaha. Give yourself some time to adjust to it too if you are used to an “eating breakfast” like me. 😉
And have a great start to your 2019!

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