Every single person has the same biochemical responses to fear – fight, flight or freeze. Freeze can be a response to trauma where the person freezes and shuts down. Fear can also manifest as physical symptoms – tummy aches, tight shoulders, stiffness in joints, headaches.
However do you know that the same chemical response in the brain that creates happiness…. is the same one that creates fear?
For example, some people enjoy watching scary movies. They enjoy the adrenaline rush. [Faith] For some, like myself, I get traumatised by even the anticipation of the next scary scene. My tummy would spasm and I feel trapped and needed to make a quick exit. However I love roller coaster rides. Just as scary but i love the adrenaline rush.
The emotional reaction will change depending on how we perceive fear. Our mindset will determine how we respond… with fear or with happiness, to the stimulus. We CHOOSE how we respond.
I know it’s kind of hard with situations we cannot control, especially given with Covid19 and how it’s impacting our very lives. But you can see it as a situation where the sky is falling or that despite what happens, you choose happiness regardless of it.
Fear LIMITS you. If your comfort zone is a box, fear keeps you in the box because instinctively, we longed to be safe, to be comfortable.
Do you know that when children experience fear, most of the times, they wouldn’t be able to say that they are scared. They would say, “My tummy hurts.” Because they might not be able to process that emotion and express it to you.
Some alarm points on the body that you can apply essential oils on to work through your fears are:
1. The corner of your collar bone  >>>
2. The middle of your soles
3. Inside of your ankles
4. inside of your knees
5. Kidney meridian points (google for chart)
Oils that you can use to process and overcome fears:
1. Acceptance
2. Bergamot
3. Clary Sage
4. Gentle Baby
5. Gratitude
6. Harmony
7. Highest Potential
8. Joy
9. Release
10. Shutran
11. Into The Future
12. SARA
13. Roman Chamomile
14. Inner Child
15. Hope
16. Juniper
17. Myrrh
18. Rose
19. Stress Away
20. White Angelica
21. Valor
22. Calm CBD
Put it in a roller or a spray or just bring the original bottle in your bag. And remember to diffuse it around you too.
Fear doesn’t just affect you. It affects your family, and even your community too. [Faith] For example, your children observe and learn through you how you respond to fear, and choose to avoid it or overcome it.
Fear can also stop you from moving forward in faith and keeps you from being the person you are meant to be.
My question for you is… are you content in your self imposed prison? Because that’s what your comfort zone is. Are you tired of the physical symptoms you have? The tummy aches, the tension headaches, the tight shoulders.
We don’t have to be stuck in that box.
We can choose to step out of that box. We can choose happiness despite what happens.
So how do we do it?
1st step – Stop and listen. Stop and identify the lie you have been telling yourself. Because the more you tell yourself, the more you believe in it.
Gary Young had said before that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.
2nd step: Take the lie and find the truth. Speak the truth to yourself. You might not believe it at first but push on until you do. (Remember your oils help support you in this too.)
For example:
“I was designed for a purpose.”
“Through God, I can do the hard things.”
3rd step – Let go. Be aware of how your body experience fear and choose to be intentional to let it go. Do you know that majority of us women carry tension in our shoulders? Take a deep breath, focus on it and intentionally let it go.
4th step – Act. DO IT SCARED. Choose to view your situation differently. If you are feeling scared, resistant or overwhelmed, try this tip by Mel Robbins. Count down slowly, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. When you countdown backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, your brain rewires itself and you can choose again.
5th step – Reflect. Reflect on your progress. Realise how far you come. And celebrate every single step of the way.
This situation that we are in now, IS a perfect opportunity to practice.
Life BEGINS at the end of your comfort zone.
Credits to Codie-lyn Kahler for her wonderful video on pushing past fear! It’s 47 minutes and I’ve documented and paraphrase the parts that speak to me… however if you watched it in its entirety, there’s so much gems of wisdom in it. Blessings!

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