When Kids Resist to get Oiled


I think this could be a more common occurrence than I thought… 😉 So these are the ways Jonathan Teo and I came up with to overcome their resistance besides the occasional massage with oils:
1. Diffuse! We diffuse oils during our waking hours in almost every part of our home. So whether we are well or unwell, we diffuse oils for everything!
It doesn’t have to be specifically oils that keep us healthy.
Any eo is good!
This week, our AromaLuxes have been on rotation with Ylang Ylang (happiness, romance, joy), Juvacleanse (hahah Jon say he can feel his liver shaking when he smells it) and RC. In one bedroom, I have Humility (tapping on higher wisdom) going on and the other has Lavender.
Because the house would always have some kind of eo smell, I’ve found that the kids get used to it as a lifestyle and are open to be oiled topically too.
2. We make a game out of it. Jon plays scissors, paper, stone with the kids. Who lose, gets oiled! (It helps that Sol ALWAYS come out with scissors, hahahah…. well it’s another thing cos he has been insisting that he SHOULD win. >.> )
3. Jon also makes rollers with the oils and draw shapes and numbers on the kids’ backs. FUN + OILS = WIN
4. I do bedtime stories with their favorite characters + oils (Chaotic Bedtime Story Telling)
5. With kids that are highly independent and want their own autonomy like 3 year old bossy Sol, we teach him how to dab the oil out from the bottle and oil himself, under our watchful eyes. 🙂
6. Our kids also sometimes voice their preferences on WHERE they are willing to be oiled. For Sol, sometimes feet, sometimes tummy. Ju is good with anywhere as long it’s not on her face. So we respect their wishes too so as to create a pleasant experience for them repeatedly.
7. And of course, if they still refuse, keep them healthy in other ways – Ningxia Red, Super C Chewable, the Kidscent supplements are wonderful too. And don’t forget toxins in commercial household cleaners and personal care products can also wreck havoc on our bodies, emotions and mental health so going chemical free is important too!
I hope these tips help! Do you have any tips for oiling resistant kids?
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