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Recently I have been playing with blending oils and crystals together. While the concept isn’t brand new, I noticed that there wasn’t much info on how to pair oils and crystals together.
So here’s some fascinating info about crystals before we dive into choosing the crystals for the blends you want to make:
🌸🌸 Do you know that crystals are also found in watches? Crystals are used to regulate the movements of the watch mechanism hence this is where the term “quartz movement” is coined. Clear quartz vibrates at 32768 times per second and ensures your watch is always accurate on time. High end watches have gems like Sapphire!
💎💎 In the past i have used crystals to “store data”. I call crystals, Mother Nature’s thumb drives. 😉 When we hold crystals and meditate, or even just holding and thinking of stuff, the crystals respond. This is why when you buy crystals from shops, the staff will always place them in a “singing bowl” to reset the “data” or cleanse the energy within as crystals before you start using them. I’ve also held crystals (Amazonite, Clear Quartz, Milky Quartz, Honey Calcite) as I speak to my downlines over the phone to help me communicate with clear intention and sense my downlines’ unspoken state of mind / feelings too.
🤔🤔 In our mothers and grandmas’ times, many Chinese women wear jade bangles and report that the longer they wore, the prettier and more translucent the jade gotten. Chinese believe that our body’s energy or qi has been absorbed into the jade and thus transforming it. This is especially apparent if you do Tai Qi exercises and wear a jade bangle – you may find that the bangle is glowing!
🖐🖐 When choosing crystals, touch and hold them and let your intuition guide you. Get the ones you naturally gravitate to THEN google for the benefits of that crystal. You may be amazed to find out that HOW PERFECT that crystal is meant for you!
When I create an essential oil blend, sometimes I wanted to intensify or amplify the effect of it especially when I want to gift it to people who really needed that extra boost. In our oily world, you could add Copaiba but given that I prefer not to disrupt the blend in its original eo ratios, I add clear quartz chips in the bottle instead. 😉
In the photo are the crystal chips I have picked and here’s a brief rundown on what each crystal is for and what oils you can pair with. You can Google too to get the full write up of the benefits of each crystal and of course you are not limited to the ones I have picked.
I use these as an amplifier to any oils I add this to. Clear quartz also promote clear thinking and clears the mind of negative thinking as well. This is the MASTER of all healing crystals as it ALSO amplify the benefits of other crystals as well. So you could add other crystals + clear quartz with your oils.
Suggested oils – Any singles or blends really! I like to pair it with Transformation, Believe and Clarity as well.
Similar properties as Clear Quartz but has the additional properties of assisting healing at all levels – mental, emotional, physical and tunes the body to recognise what it needs to recover.
Suggested oils – Sacred Mountain, White Angelica, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Sacred Frankincense
The crystal of love! Self love, romantic love, any kind of love.
Suggested oils – Joy, Jasmine, Rose, Lady Sclareol
Comforts people in grief, enhances creativity, passion and intelligence. Also helps refines intuition and thought processes.
Suggested oils – Trauma Life, Live Your Passion, Inspiration, Frankincense, Motivation
Remember amber teething necklaces that help babies to relieve teething discomfort? Amber while strictly is not a crystal but a resin, has properties that help alleviate pain and discomfort ANYWHERE.
Suggested Oils – Hahha for compliance reasons, I can’t say but look at your eo book or app to search for the appropriate oils. 😉
Fantastic for respiratory support, eyes, stomach, thyroid and liver. Peridot also alleviate anger, fear, nervousness and jealousy.
Suggested oils – For the first part, please look up your eo resources for the suggested oils for the same areas. For emotions, Stress Away, Transformation, Valor, Tranquil
This is the crystal that stimulates mental power and helps to focus. It brings happiness, joy, and positivity in life by eliminating the negative energies and vibes. Citrine is one crystal that does not accumulate or hold negative energy, in fact it transforms negativity into positive energy. One of the rare crystals that do not require cleansing and is also the crystal you want to have for financial prosperity!
Suggested oils – Abundance, Brain Power, Clarity, Joy, Live With Passion
Do you use crystals in your daily life? What is your favourite crystal? 🙂
“thanks for sharing! citrine plus brain power sounds perfect for my son. 😬 – Shazy”
Q: May I know if we need to clean or sterilise the crystals so as not to introduce germs/ spores into the blend? What is the best way to ‘sterilise’ them?
A: Usually the chips I handle are pretty clean. The crystal shop cleans any crystals you buy, energetically.
Q: Where do u get your crystals from?
A:  Harmony Gem Crystals. Great prices and fantastic heart centred service.
“Love the summary! So clear 🙂 – Xuehan”
Q: The roller bottle is pretty, may I know where to buy?
“Great combination of my 2 passions Faith. Well done! – Fiona”

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