Liver Loving Juvatone

Juvatone is a powerful herbal supplement for supporting healthy liver function and digestion. It’s helpful for those who tend to eat more animal protein or drank a little too much. What the ingredients do? Calcium – helps prevent bone loss and repairs joints. Copper – important in growth and development. Sodium – supports nerve impulses

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Why I Am Grateful to My Burnout

And what I have gained from it. As entrepreneurs, I’m guessing that we are a breed that is no stranger to burnout. Having recovered from two burnouts, I want to talk about: 1. The warning signs of impending burnout. 2. What I’ve gained from recovering from it. #1. Warning Signs of Impending Burnout Losing passion

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Hair Loss?

Disclaimer: No husband was traumatised in this episode. Hair loss seems to run in the males in my family. Perhaps it’s the raging levels of testosterone in them. Or the stress. Or maybe it’s the kids. It either makes its first appearance by having the “mountain peeped through the clouds”. Or a new (receding) hairline

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Every single person has the same biochemical responses to fear – fight, flight or freeze. Freeze can be a response to trauma where the person freezes and shuts down. Fear can also manifest as physical symptoms – tummy aches, tight shoulders, stiffness in joints, headaches. However do you know that the same chemical response in


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