There’s so many personality profiling tools nowadays but none has impacted my life as much as the Enneagram Profile. Jonathan Teo and I have done it some years ago and till today, I’m still astounded at how much we are still benefiting from it. Unlike most tools which focus on the present and little

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Past couple of weeks, I felt like I have been living in a fog. Low energy, lethargic, listless, unmotivated and unexcited. So when the Business Times article on languishing came out, I was like AH NO WONDER!! [insert metaphoric slap on my forehead]. I was actually wondering is it just me, or is it the

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Embracing contradictions

CONTRADICTIONS. Just a friendly reminder that you do you and embrace even what you think it’s “not good” or “weird” in you! Whether you oil and medicate at the same time… Eat organic AND also eat junk food (hello Mcdonald!)…. Love your kids and also let them have screen time for your sanity…. Tabao food

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