There’s so many personality profiling tools nowadays but none has impacted my life as much as the Enneagram Profile. Jonathan Teo and I have done it some years ago and till today, I’m still astounded at how much we are still benefiting from it.
Unlike most tools which focus on the present and little on the past and future (growth), Enneagram deep dives into our childhoods and how our parents have also played a pivotal role in shaping us to who we are. It also explains how it looks like when we are emotionally and mentally healthier too. Same goes for unhealthy. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
A case in point, my son Sol is a Type 8, also known as a Challenger. If I have not gone thru Enneagram training, I would have thought his frequent expressions of anger and control is because “he just wants his way” and that he’s been indulged too much as the younger child.
But now applying Enneagram to him (thanks Jacq Ong for helping me!), I can see his anger and rigidity quickly decompressing when I go gentle with him vs yelling as a bid to gain back control.
Ju is a Type 7 with her high spirits, draws energy from socialising and having fun. However her wing 6 have her at times, fearful (sometimes the fears are extreme) and seeking love and assurance from us as validation of herself.
I’m in Bangkok these few days with Norce Putri, going into another part of the Enneagram work, known as Enneagram and Shadow Work. I don’t know about the others but I’m ready to jump in to do the inner work on my own shadows and triggers. So Release is here with me in yesterday’s Bangkok sunset and I have the Feelings Kit too for the next few days to ease myself thru what comes up later.
Let’s begin.

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