Essential Oils

WanderGreen Bundle

  Wanderful Nebuliser  Features & Benefits Lightweight  Completely portable – once charged it can operate without being plugged in! Includes a USB power cord and adaptor Nebuliser diffuser – No water required to operate Charging time 6 hours and battery time 20 hours Features anti-leaking technology No water required Auto-turn off safety feature Silent operation […]

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  As soon as Manuka essential oil was available, I quickly bought it. It turns out the smell is not like the Manuka honey. But it turns out that the benefits are extraordinary, especially for skin and hair.    Here are a few reasons why Manuka essential oil is considered more powerful than Manuka honey:

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Violet/ Midnight Pop

  This set consist of the following items: Lemon Verbena Essential Oil 5ml Lavender Essential Oil 5ml Peace & Calming Essential Oil 5ml Lavender Hand Cream Crystal Roll on (Amethysts/ Obsidian) Orange Festive Bag Lemon Verbena essential oil is derived from the Lemon Verbena plant (Aloysia citriodora or Lippia citriodora), which is native to South

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Evergreen Essence

  Evergreen Essence takes you back to nature by combining the scents of a variety of aromatic pine, cedar, and spruce trees. Crisp and invigorating, its aroma refreshes your senses. Evergreen Essence essential oil blend is formulated with various conifer oils, including Pine, White Fir, Spruce, Black Pine, Idaho Blue Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Scotch Pine,

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Einkorn Crunch

  Why Einkorn? Einkorn is an ancient grain that offers a nutritious snacking option for those looking to add more whole grains to their diet. Unlike modern wheat varieties, einkorn contains only 14 chromosomes, making it easier for many people to digest. It is high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients while being low in

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Fresh Pop

  Lemongrass Essential Oil  Lemongrass Essential Oil is a versatile oil with many uses and here are some common uses.   The most commonly known is to use it as an insect repellent. It contains citronella which is known for its ability to repel mosquitoes and other insects.    Tip for insect repellent: Dilute a

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Balance Facial Skincare Range

  BALANCE by Young Living is formulated for normal/combination to oily skin to address the following skin concerns: Enlarged, clogged pores Prone to breakouts and blackheads Shiny T-zone Redness For normal/combination and oily skin Formulated with naturally derived ingredients free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petroleum, and mineral oil Clinically tested, dermatologist reviewed,

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Snow Pop / Candy Pop

A good set for this holiday season as it consists of must have oils for travelers – Eucalyptus Radiata, Panaway & Deep Relief. Eucalyptus Radiata – often called narrow-leaved peppermint or white peppermint, has several benefits: Respiratory Relief – relieve symptoms of colds, ease congestion and clear airways Anti Inflammatory – help to reduce swelling

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