Essential Oils

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

  Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is a topical cream designed to help alleviate pain and discomfort. It contains essential oils and plant extracts, such as menthol, camphor, peppermint, and wintergreen oil, which are believed to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.   Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream can be used for various types of discomfort,

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Purification essential oil blend

The Great Neutralizer! This blend is ideal for purifying and neutralizing the air from unwanted and disagreeable odors. After a season of closed windows, this is the perfect choice to banish stale air and say helllllooooo to pristine clean! Composition: Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lavandin, and Myrtle Pairs well with: Thieves, Citrus Fresh, and

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Thieves essential oil blend

  Healthy Boundaries   Thieves drives our house keeping and immune strength; but how about using it for the emotional tidying of your home? I’ll tell you why: the oils in Thieves combine to sweep out what isn’t serving us and fortify our boundaries, protecting us as we choose our own highest life path. Ingredients

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

TEA TREE essential oil Cleaning our environment somehow seems to clean the cobwebs from our minds as well! I have a bottle of Tea Tree at my kitchen sink, at Miss Eleanor’s Posh Pets Washing Basin, in my laundry room, in the bathroom in my handcrafted face cleanser and foaming hand soap, and…whew, should I

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WanderGreen Bundle

  Wanderful Nebuliser  Features & Benefits Lightweight  Completely portable – once charged it can operate without being plugged in! Includes a USB power cord and adaptor Nebuliser diffuser – No water required to operate Charging time 6 hours and battery time 20 hours Features anti-leaking technology No water required Auto-turn off safety feature Silent operation

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  As soon as Manuka essential oil was available, I quickly bought it. It turns out the smell is not like the Manuka honey. But it turns out that the benefits are extraordinary, especially for skin and hair.    Here are a few reasons why Manuka essential oil is considered more powerful than Manuka honey:

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Violet/ Midnight Pop

  This set consist of the following items: Lemon Verbena Essential Oil 5ml Lavender Essential Oil 5ml Peace & Calming Essential Oil 5ml Lavender Hand Cream Crystal Roll on (Amethysts/ Obsidian) Orange Festive Bag Lemon Verbena essential oil is derived from the Lemon Verbena plant (Aloysia citriodora or Lippia citriodora), which is native to South

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