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Kidscents in the shower

  For some reason I really love the Kidscent animals on the Kidscent range. They look so TOOT, with their (-_____-) expressions and paws, hoofs, wings, dangling at the front. Mega love! And oh plus they are so awesome for any human – babies, kids, adults. Here’s my tips on using these products: BATH GEL …

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Primary School Balloting

  Around this time, every year, there is a special breed of parents that would suddenly be STRESSED and OBSESSED over primary schools. Who pray tell are these parents? PARENTS OF 6 YEARS OLDS! Welcome to Singapore’s yearly phenomenon of Primary School Balloting where many parents sweat bullets over whether their kids can get into …

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Oils that make you go Ewwwwww

Have you ever went EWWW at the smell of certain oils? I know I take a while to get used to Eucalyptus Blue! #smelllikestinkysocks So what oils make you wrinkle your nose and what do you do about it?

Raindrop for kids

  IMMUNITY WEAPONS I get ever so jumpy when any of my kids start sniffling or sneezing. Because when one kid is down, it starts a chain reaction and before I know it, everyone gets it. You know kids… so INDISCRIMINATE at passing yucks around. It’s a joke in my household that Jon gets sick …

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First Run After 7 Years

  FIRST RUN AFTER 7 YEARS “My goal is to run 5 km under 45 minutes by late June!” And so I declared to my small group for my health goal. I haven’t ran in 7 years since my first pregnancy. I’ve put on a lot of weight since then. @@ I’ve gone from working …

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Working out with kids

  I GOT YOUNG KIDS AT HOME, HOW CAN I WORKOUT? That was my excuse during the past few years as Ju and Sol are growing up. It felt hard to carve time for myself to get out of the home amidst juggling work and the house chores. Plus MOM GUILT came in a BIG …

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  HAIR. You know… that crowning glory on your head. For some, it’s EXACTLY how they would like it – straight / silky / curly / lustrous. But alas for Ma and I, we have what I call… “TRICK HAIR”. The kind that gets us to travel to the ends of the Earth (ok, Singapore) …

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Self Care for Busy Mums

  SELF CARE FOR BUSY MOMS (like geez, which mom isn’t busy?!) I had a lot of fun writing this tongue in cheek article (but oh so true for me) for the One Drop May newsletter. I wanted to share with you all since Mother’s Day is coming up! Regardless how you think of yourself …

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