Thieves essential oil blend


Healthy Boundaries


Thieves drives our house keeping and immune strength; but how about using it for the emotional tidying of your home? I’ll tell you why: the oils in Thieves combine to sweep out what isn’t serving us and fortify our boundaries, protecting us as we choose our own highest life path.

Ingredients :  Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon and Rosemary

Cinnamon: the oil of security

Cinnamon addresses the fear of being judged for physical appearance and helps us stand tall, no longer worried about vulnerability, and letting one’s truth emerge.


Clove: the oil of boundaries

Clove essential oil helps us let go of victim mentality, self-betrayal, co-dependency, and the misguided perception that outside circumstances control our lives. Clove supports us in standing up and CHOOSING our lives. It reignites soul fire.


Eucalyptus: the oil of wellness

Eucalyptus addresses emotions of despair, the desire to escape life’s responsibilities, and feeling trapped in patterns.


Lemon: the oil of focus

Lemon inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness. Lemon is a wonderful reminder to LIVE IN THE NOW.


Rosemary: the oil of knowledge and transition

In times of transition where we don’t feel like we have a sure footing, Rosemary gives us roots and reminds us of what we know for sure.

Miraculous, isn’t it?


How to use

• diffuse to maintain strong health and immune defenses

• apply to bottom of feet daily to insure strong health is maintained

• apply to a sliver to help naturally pull the object to surface for easy removal

• apply a few drops to a shot glass of water to ease a mild sore or itchy throat

• teething baby? Sore gums? Apply a drop to your palm and massage with index finger until finger is dry, then massage gum area to soothe minor discomfort (the saliva will re-activate the oil molecules without the “hot-ness” of the blend). I also do this before a dental visit to ease the post irritation feeling from a cleaning or dental work.



Choose You Room Spritz

In a 3.4 oz spray bottle add:

25 drops of Thieves

3 oz water

Top off with neutral spirits (such as witch hazel or grain vodka)

Shake well before spraying


Credit to Melissa Poepping

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