Tea Tree Essential Oil

TEA TREE essential oil

Cleaning our environment somehow seems to clean the cobwebs from our minds as well! I have a bottle of Tea Tree at my kitchen sink, at Miss Eleanor’s Posh Pets Washing Basin, in my laundry room, in the bathroom in my handcrafted face cleanser and foaming hand soap, and…whew, should I continue?!

Think of Tea Tree as a safe, natural way to kick up the cleaning power in almost any task.

How to use

• add a few drops to a sink full of dishes with Thieves Dish Soap

• use it to get the grill sparkling clean (Tea Tree is an amazing de-greaser)

• keep a bottle in the garage or shop area

• add a drop to the laundry for a deep clean

• add to a bucket of water with Thieves Household Cleaner for a revolutionary clean!


Credit to Melissa Poepping

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