Bottoms Up!


I used to think that it’s quite hard to take my YL supplements cos the kids would *ahem* keep bugging me to do this or that.
Recently I got Sol to help! So here is my 3 year old helping me unscrew the bottles, asking me how many I need per supp and giving me the number of capsules.
It’s a win-win cos:
1. I get to stay healthy with my supps.
2. He practice his counting. Sometimes a little addition and subtraction like in this video when I ran short of Omegagize and he opens a new bottle for me.
3. Motor skills for him since he’s practising tipping out the right number of caps and screwing / unscrewing the bottles.
3. A teeny bit of parent and child bonding!
I’m also getting him to pour my Alkalime into my cup and add water. The fizziness always excite him. ๐Ÿ™‚ And this recipe where he learns how to do NorcePutri’s thirst quencher of a healthy drink:
1. 60 ml Ningxia Red (I actually pour like 250 ml)
2. 1 sachet Mindwise
3. 2 ml Mineral Essence (well those that take it, knows how yucks it taste. But this recipe is DA BOMB DOT COM! Can’t taste it!)
4. Sparkling water (I replaced with 1 can Zyng)
5. Loads of ice!
Bottoms up!

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