When we betray ourselves to avoid judgement


A conversation with a dear friend last night got me thinking…

We are so comfortable recommending another business, another restaurant, another whatever but when it comes to advocating ourselves (or our business), most of us suddenly zip up.

Through many conversations with others, The same 2 lines often come up:

– What if they judge me? (the common one behind this is “I don’t want them to think I’m earning from them.”

– What if it doesn’t work for them?

Dear friends, I have the same exact thoughts too when I was starting my first business. But over the years of offering and solidifying my own research and belief in what I offer, I realised that it became as natural as breathing.

My answer for you should you be feeling that way, is to offer with detachment.

Your worth is not hinged on whether they say yes or no to your offer. Your worth does not go up and down like a company stock. If you’re relying on your business or offer to validate you, that’s like stepping into a never-ending, puke triggering emotional rollercoaster ride.

Also… people will have their thoughts and honestly that’s none of your business. It’s also not in your control. Rather, stand true in your own convictions and built yourself up from there. A foundation built on the fears of being judged is a constricting way to live your life.

Forsake others, not yourself. (Thanks Simone Grace for writing this!)

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