WHat do you really want?

[Rambling thoughts post]

Recently my coach asked me to write out a list of what I want in my life.
And she asked me to do this E V E R Y D A Y to strengthen my manifesting abilities.
Manifesting = Faith wants something -> she visualises it -> Universe works its magic + Faith takes action too and POP! Faith gets what she wants.
And the interesting thing is at the end of the day, I’m supposed to review the list, circle the ones I do really want and cross out those that I actually don’t. It’s like heart wishes and stomach wishes…
Heart wish = something Faith always yearn for (hers is always a home in the mountains)
Stomach wish = something Faith THINKS she better get (create 3 businesses so she has a lot a lot of money). Yes in SG, we call that “kiasu”.
So it’s been days of writing, reflecting, pruning. Wash rinse repeat.
To be honest I got pretty stuck after day 6. I kept writing the same things until I was bored. Mountain home, renovate my house, nice study room, a place for my crystals, my kids grow up well…. omgggg I CANNOT think of what else I want!
I suddenly wondered is my vision for my life too small? Shouldn’t I write something fantastic like “set up a women’s sanctuary for like minded women seeking purpose in life”?
Some chatter with my girlfriends (thank you Tan Kai Hiang, Deny Sentosa, Norce Putri!!) soon set my heart at ease and shifted my perspective.
“No wrong or right. What is important for u NOW is most important. :))” – Kai
Two days ago, my wish list took on a different slant. I gave myself permission to write out what I really really yearn for. To my surprise, instead of material things, it was things like:
“Enjoying every single day of my life with gratitude and joy.”
“Doing work that fulfills me and lights me up from within.”
“Travelling as and when with my family to see the many amazing sights of the world.”
“Allowing myself to be amazed by how God loves and blesses me so abundantly in my life.”
For some reason I saw my Celebration oil and huff it as I wrote out today’s list. To be honest I didn’t really like the smell…. it didn’t smell too celebratory to me. ๐Ÿ˜†
I look at the oil and I look at my new list. Unlike before, where I thought I needed more money to buy my mountain home, to have a spacious home, this new list… I actually have most of them happening here. Right now. In my life.
And I asked myself, “Why do I need a special occasion to celebrate? Just by the fact that my family is safe and healthy, my aged parents are safe and healthy, we are ALL doing well, my friends are amazing, my kids are happy and thriving,….”
Just this ordinary life, the day to day happenings, this is already worthwhile celebrating.


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