Blooming Good!


Ha I got my Bloom package from YL yesterday so let’s try these Bloom brightening cleanser, brightening essence and brightening lotion out today!
1. Took a selfie of my unwashed face. Lol. (Photo 1)
2. I applied the cleanser on my damp face and use the Rose Quartz roller to roll on skin to deepen the effects. Washed it off.
3. Applied the brightening essence. Love how light and cooling it is. Not sticky at all! I used the Rose Quartz roller again. (Photo 2)
4. Applied the lotion and roll my face for one last time. (Photo 3)
5. Ready to face the world! (Photo 4)
Cleanser – I like that it’s a gel wash. Very smooth when applied, light and yet my face feels really clean afterwards.
Essence – Ok I’m a pretty lazy girl at skin care. With the ART series I’m guilty of not using the toner and light moisturiser after cleansing. I felt that they were too sticky for my skin in this warm weather. But Bloom is especially formulated for Asian skin and Asian climate so I felt good! No stickiness, no slip and slide when I perspire!
Lotion – Very light. Nice! My skin sucked it in like the Sahara Desert and touching my face doesn’t leave a greasy residue on my hand. I perspire very easily in our hot weather so feeling that there’s no slippery film on my skin feels very good.
I’ve friends who are early testers who raved with Bloom too. For those who have darker skin or uneven skin patches, I’ve heard that Bloom is so good for brightening the complexion and even out those patches. I’m looking forward to see how Bloom works on my skin for the next 30 days, especially my troubled spots like my chin!
Cant wait for the Bloom collagen drink launching soon!
Photos are NOT edited in any way, except to crop them as squares.

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