5 Questions I ask myself to increase my own power

I do a lot of self coaching and questioning of my thoughts. And the reason why is because I know that my brain will often default me to thinking in ways that:

  • protects me from risks or perceived “dangers”
  • conserve energy e.g. learning to practise a new way of doing a task
  • seek pleasure and fun… which is great but not when it’s counteracting my growth

So here are my 5 questions that I ask myself to increase my own power. AKA finding my centre, facing up the challenge or stretch myself out of my default thinking.

1. How am I making this a problem for myself?

I tend to ask this question when I have doubts over a certain project or decisions or directions I’m going. This helps me to see how I’ve constrained myself instead of stretching. Sometimes it helps me to see how creative my brain is at coming up with “fake problems”.

2. What do I want to do? (not what I should do)

This question puts the authority back to you and not what have you kowtow to what you think you should do. Pretty liberating.

3. If I don’t feel safe right now, what’s a tiny step I can take instead?

I often use this when I found myself shrinking back or procrastinating on what I need to do. It’s also helpful if you’re in the freeze / fawn / flight mode too.

4. What’s something I’m scared of telling others but saying it. would help me claim my power?

This is a biggie for sure and perhaps not for everyone. But I believe that we live in our power when we live in our truth and the odds and quirks of our own essence and we’re proud of it. I recently wrote a post about choosing not to take the C shot and while it was really scary to publish it, I felt so much lighter and clearer in my life direction after that.

5. How can I make it easier for myself?

Look, life can be hard enough as it is. As a mama, wife and a 6 figure business owner, I’ve realised that I can choose to be “virtuous” and work hard and go crazy or choose ways to make it easier for myself so I can spend more time on people and activities that give EVEN MORE energy to me.

Which question makes you go hmmm, perhaps I’ll try that? And if you like stuff like this, consider joining my mailing list! In there, I talk about stuff that help people create more joy, flow and abundance. 🙂

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