Xiang Mao

Lemongrass makes me think of a nice, long massage. Xiang Mao (also called Red Lemongrass) is used for its calming aroma and to create a tranquil environment. Distilled from the Xiang Mao grass that is grown on the mountain slopes by the Paiwan aboriginal tribe in southeastern Taiwan, thus it’s name. This budget-friendly EO is …

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Did you say Suga, or Tsuga?

No, it’s not Suga from BTS. It’s actually Tsuga, or Hemlock Spruce. Distilled from the leaves and twigs of conifer trees, this oil is a favourite those who love yoga as it it is uplifting to emotions (opens and elevates) while grounding at the same time. Beneficial to the respiratory system, drip a few drops …

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Right now, at this very moment, you are looking at a screen. Maybe your spouse is across the room doing the same? What about the kids? Do you monitor theirs with success, or is it a daily struggle that ends in you hoping they only had 1 hour of screentime (not counting of course, the …

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“Dong Dong Dong Chiang!!”

The Lunar New Year rolls around in less than 2 weeks, have you started your annual spring clean? Check out our list of MUST HAVES to keep handy this festive season. Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Healthy, Happy and Abundant year ahead. HUAT AHH!!!! Photo credits: One Drop

Empower and Boost Your Energy Centres with Crystals and Essential Oils – 15 August

Click Here to Register!! You wake up one morning after a solid night’s sleep. There’s much gratitude… and some excitement too, because you know it’ll be a great day no matter what. Caring colleagues. An awesome job. Sweet moments with your family. You just can’t wait to start your day. What if your days could …

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