How to shift from shame to gratitude about setbacks

My business experienced a setback in June. Which resulted in a significant drop in income.
Despite that, I was calm and clear headed. Did what I could to salvage the situation.
While the end result was not satisfactory, I realised that my response was a far cry from how I would have reacted in the past. Which was being upset, self bashing and even venting out on my loved ones.
It’s also my setback that inspired the theme of this week’s newsletter – celebrating setbacks.
Celebrate?! Did you read that right? No one loves setbacks. Celebrate success, yes. Achievements yes. Setbacks? NO.
Setbacks and failures are not often talked about even among friends.
Success yes, failures no.
And I want to change the perception that setbacks is something to be ashamed about.
Here’s some thoughts that helped me to shift into a space of gratitude and acceptance:
  • My success is inevitable. To get to where I want to be at, setbacks will happen. How I respond to them, think of them, will impact how I get to my goal.
  • Playing the long game – I’m not here in my business to play for the short term gains. I’m here to create a legacy in my business and impact thousands of people’s lives with every single thing I do – the workshops I hold, the content I create, the conversations I have with my tribe. I’m here to shift the narrative from compromise to empowered choices.
  • My business do not define my worth. That’s between God and myself.
  • I’m here to practice mastery. I’m here for my growth.
  • Despite this, I have so much to be grateful for – loving friends, a sweet life with my family, the best team ever, and a slow(er) and intentional life
Do I still worry? Stress over what happened? Oh yes.
The whole point wasn’t merely to “think positive”. It was to hold space for myself in absolute acceptance and love. And to allow the experiences to transform into gems of wisdom for me.
So are there setbacks in your life that you are grateful for?
What did they teach you?

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