Random Musing: The 1 oil I can’t do without


If I’m ever stranded on an island… oh wait I am since I’m in Singapore! 🀣🀣
So anyway I was just thinking while on this stuffy hot train that the oil I MUST ALWAYS HAVE with me is my trusty Peppermint.
Like when now I’m perspiring in this hot train and beginning to smell iffy (oops). Peppermint on my head cools me down and freshen my personal umm aroma up. Sometimes I use it to ward off similarly smelly people (join the club!) too. πŸ˜› A useful companion for toilets too. Ewww.
Speaking of toilets, do you know a drop of Peppermint dripped in the toilet bowl can help you to GO? Especially if the pipes in there are clogged and you gotta release. πŸ˜‰
What else about Peppermint that I must have it in my regular day?
It also helps me to breathe deeper especially during a long day of meetings and work because I need to think clearer. I welcome the oxygen rush! Especially post lunch when the sleepiness seeps in.
Speaking of lunch, it’s great too for my tums whether I decided to try something new or take my favourite beef rice at Somerset.
Because of its minty sensation, it’s also great to cool anger down. I guess the term “Cool down!” must have been coined for Peppermint. πŸ˜‰ It is also wonderful for trauma, shock and and calms for hysteria too.
And if your Aunty Flow is here in town, consider rubbing some Peppermint to help relieve the cramps or even to help regulate her visits. πŸ˜›
You might already know all these stuff about Peppermint and more! πŸ˜‰
What is your must-have oil for a regular day?

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