Six great ways to incorporate Tea Tree essential oil into your daily life

  Tea tree essential oil is commonly known to treat acne. But beside this, it actually has lots of great benefits: It has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties – to clean surfaces at home i.e countertops, cutting boards, and bathroom fixtures A solution for dandruff and itchy scalp by adding few drops of tea tree […]

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Beautiful Peepers

  Long work days. Unrestful sleep. Kids who keep waking up. Welcome to the world of dark eye circles! (YEESH) And while we love bags, EYE bags is definitely not something we want. Here’s some hacks for having beautiful eyes! 1. Rub (gently) Tranquil or Valor under your eyes for those panda eyes. 2. Rub

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Sweet Dreams

  Sometimes poor or unrestful sleep could be caused by a number of factors. It could be stress…. Or the liver needing to detox more during our snooze hours, Or even emotions that’s keeping us tossing and turning like a roti prata, Or we just plain need to wind down well and shut off our

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Anti Chafe Lotion

  The haze. The heat. The RASHES!! Last week has been a splendid family vacation at Legoland save for one problem – I’ve got some real bad rashes due to the haze and the heat. What’s worse, because of the constant rubbing between clothes and skin, I’ve some REMARKABLE chafe marks now. Who’s that waddling

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Emotions = E-motion

I don’t know about you but whoa the self criticism game is strong in me. It can go on and on and dammit, it’s freaking convincing. Especially when I start comparing myself to others and find myself lacking. Doing this long enough will get me to believe in these statements and leaving me feeling a

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Hair Loss?

Disclaimer: No husband was traumatised in this episode. Hair loss seems to run in the males in my family. Perhaps it’s the raging levels of testosterone in them. Or the stress. Or maybe it’s the kids. It either makes its first appearance by having the “mountain peeped through the clouds”. Or a new (receding) hairline

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