Emotions = E-motion

I don’t know about you but whoa the self criticism game is strong in me. It can go on and on and dammit, it’s freaking convincing.
Especially when I start comparing myself to others and find myself lacking. Doing this long enough will get me to believe in these statements and leaving me feeling a sense of heaviness and hopelessness.

So if you feel the same as me, here is something I’ve tried that has been pretty powerful in shifting this emotion.
I’m currently taking a 6 week course with Dr Carolyn Mein on using essential oils to release emotional patterns and have found it super helpful, whether for myself, or when working with others on shifting stuck emotions.

So often we want to have the positive emotions, such as joy, certainty, happiness, but we resist the “negative” ones – eg. anger, worry, frustration. So while it’s not new to turn to essential oils to feel more of the good and less of the “bad”, I wanted to give some insight on this before going into the process of transmuting and releasing our stuck emotions.

Emotions = e-motion

What it really means is that our emotions are actually energies that is meant to flow through and out of our bodies. When we do not allow them to flow, these emotions can get stuck and over time, manifest as physical, mental and emotional illnesses.
Each emotion has a certain way of making itself felt in the body. But do you know that each emotion can also be a polarity of each other? Take for e.g., anger and laughter. If you are to describe how the energy moves, both emotions builds up over time in pressure until there is a sudden explosion! You have heard of outburst of anger or laughter right?
And BOTH polarities are important. We can think that anger is wrong, it’s wrong to lose your temper, but what if you got angry because your child got bullied? Or what if you are told that your laughter is weird and you shouldn’t laugh that way.

So ok let’s get back to self criticism. I use Dr Carolyn’s book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils to see what oil to use and the accupressure points to work on my stuck emotions besides Criticism. Or u can use her website at: https://bodytype.com/oils_reference/oils_lookup.php

The oil recommended for Criticism is Lavender.
1. I dripped out a few drop of Lavender on palms, rub and inhale.
2. Then I ask myself how does Criticism feels like in my body? Where is the location? How’s the sensation like? Any colour, visuals?
3. I continue inhaling and then call up the opposing polarity of Criticism which is Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Again, where do I feel it in my body? Location, sensation, any visuals?
4. The affirmation for Criticism is “I receive.” I say this out loud and note how I respond to it. Honestly I resist this affirmation so Dr Carolyn has also taught us that if I resist it, it’s a good opportunity to inquire why. What am I resisting?
5. I then touch the accupressure point to release it. For Criticism, it is at the side of the last rib.
6. I’ve also found it useful to touch these points on my head too to work on shifting and transmuting the emotion:
a. my forehead. Remember when we get stressed or worried and we clap our hand to our forehead? Yes it is an instinctual move and it’s also because our emotional brain sits there!
b. top of the head – crown chakra
c. brain stem – some referred to this as the other 3rd eye pt, besides between the eyes. The spinal cord holds a lot of our stuck emotions and this pt helps release it. More info on where is the brain stem and what else it does here:
d. Imagine 2 dashes at the right and left of the brain stem. Touch these. These are filter points. Sometimes we unknowingly absorb or amplify emotions from others. These 2 locations helps us to filter and not absorb what is not ours.
e. Depending on how long I have this emotion and how stuck, the frequency of applying can be from once a day to 18 times a day from a week to 10 weeks. It’s a good opportunity to observe how I feel, before, after and during this journey!

I noticed that I feel a lot lighter when I do this process. Like I don’t feel so sluggish and low energy and there is a sense of lightness in my body.
One more thing. There could be people who go, this doesn’t work for me! So my invitation to you is to do the full process (don’t be tempted to skip steps and go straight to just oiling those points) because you are also helping your emotions to flow.

For some people who have ongoing health conditions, the book / website is also a good resource to check what are the emotions your body is calling out to you to work on too!

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