The lymphatic system

Recently in scanning people, I noticed many were showing up as having lymph nodes or lymphatic systems that need a little more love in their health reports.

For some, in relation to the lymphatic system, their immune system were also needing some attention as well. Which is not surprising as our lymphatic system IS part of our immune system, helps with toxic waste removal, transporting nutrients around, growing white blood cells to protect our bodies and so on.
And it doesn’t help that with many of us working from home and working longer hours and being MORE sedentary, that our Ls are needing that jolt.
So besides the YL products recommended in the report, I got curious and started reading up about the benefits of dry brushing. Apparently it is supposed to help with stimulating the lymphatic system by stimulating the blood flow. And blood does carries lymphatic fluid.

So besides drinking water with Lemon, increasing our physical movement, and taking food that helps to maintain a healthy lymphatic system, dry brushing sounds like something to try!

1. Pick a medium firm brush with natural bristles. I like the longer handle so I can reach my back and brush my butt!
2. Brush everywhere and brush towards the heart.
3. Mind your skin! If you have sensitive skin (I do) or broken or irritated skin, pick a slightly softer brush and avoid those spots. And don’t go nuts by brushing everyday, try for a couple of times a week or a month first and see how you feel.
4. You can choose to brush with an oil, or not. After brushing, it’s nice to go for a shower and apply a moisturiser to seal all that goodness into your freshly exfoliated skin.

An additional bonus with dry brushing is energising and can buff your skin to radiance. Haha today is my first time and I shall see with the subsequent scans, whether it really does help with the lymphs!

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