Why i am grateful for my illness


*scratch scratch*

I’ve been having hives since mid Dec and while at first I could explain it to the cold rains of Dec and the sharp drop in temperature, I realise that I can’t now, given that we have moved into hot Jan, Feb and now hot and cold March.

My other past illnesses have been eczema, an emergency surgery where doctors saw a need to gouge a large hole out of my back, a bent spine and a long standing cough of over 10 years. All these have been documented in this group to some extent on their respective healing journeys and all have cleared except the current hives which I have been testing different stuff and checking within myself on what’s going on.

So anyway this post isn’t about what I do currently, to clear my hives. It came from a thought I had yesterday…. that I am GRATEFUL for my illnesses. Why?
– Because each of them have been a call for help from my body, where each body system cannot bear the load anymore and starting showing outward systems. Faaithhhh, pay attention!
– Because each of them jolted me up to the question of, have I really truly been loving to myself?
– Because I get to work deeper on the emotions buried deep inside, to set them free. And through that, my prayer is that I also release the generational wounds that has been passed down and embedded in my DNA and stop the cycle of it being passed on to my kids.
And above all, it gives me the opportunity to really, really align and live my truth.
I do have friends who have cancer, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. Honestly I don’t know if I ever have these really life shaking conditions, whether I would still hold the same perspective. But I’ll like to think that I would, still.

And I would like to invite you to consider….

whether you are perfectly, robustly healthy, going thru anything physical, mental, emotional, and yes, even spiritual.
That instead of seeing it as something to blame yourself for, to beat yourself up for, to get angry at, to deny,
That perhaps, it is one of the greatest liberations of your life,
when you allow the wisdom of your body to relay, what’s really going on.
And as an invitation to truly come home to yourself.

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