HAIR. You know… that crowning glory on your head. For some, it’s EXACTLY how they would like it – straight / silky / curly / lustrous. But alas for Ma and I, we have what I call… “TRICK HAIR”. The kind that gets us to travel to the ends of the Earth (ok, Singapore)

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  If you own a Thermomix, you know sometimes stuff get burnt and stuck at the bottom of the bowl. Instead of using good old elbow grease, here’s a cleaning tip: 1. Add 1 cap Thieves household cleaner and some water, into the bowl. 2. Set the temp to Varoma or 100 degrees, speed of

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Thieves Household Hacks

  That stubborn stain. Here’s some hacks with the Thieves household products to keep your home and clothes clean! As usual, these hacks are contributed by various YL lovers and not created by me so please try them at your discretion! 1. Pretreatment “I keep undiluted thieves cleaner in the laundry room as a pretreatment

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Deodorant Hacks

  No one likes to smell like ripe cheese in this hot weather so here’s some toxic free deodorant hacks for you! As usual, these are contributed by many lovely peeps on FB land so try it at your discretion: 1. Since there are so many lovely smelling oils, try your favourite on your underarms

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Baby Smooth Skin Hacks

  1. Cracked heels? Dry soles? Soak in warm water and then scrub. Then apply either Rose or Animal Scent ointment on your soles and wear socks for the night. Continue with the ointment treatment for 2 nights and your feet will be as smooth as a baby’s! 2. If you’ve worn heels or boots

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Thieves cough drops

  Someone please send a memo to my throat because despite the tickles, my throat only respond by coughing (uurgh yes thanks throat for interrupting my chatter halfway). I’m glad my Thieves cough drops came last week! It’s my throat scratcher and I never leave home without a few in my purse.

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