You know… that crowning glory on your head. For some, it’s EXACTLY how they would like it – straight / silky / curly / lustrous.
But alas for Ma and I, we have what I call… “TRICK HAIR”.
The kind that gets us to travel to the ends of the Earth (ok, Singapore) to find that perfect hairdresser. Who wouldn’t cut our hair too short or leave it too long that makes us hide in the house for a few weeks to grow it out or tame it out.
The kind that we know, only certain haircuts suit us. Short, must be EXACTLY 5.678923 cm above ears, otherwise it curls annoyingly, making us 2 looking like those PAGODAS in Chinese Garden. Worse! Only my left curls up! Grrr.
We need someone who knows how to cut TRICK HAIR so we don’t have to style it AT ALL or blow-dry it so we look presentable when we go out. Is wash and go too much to ask for? Sigh I have an experience where this hairdresser at Orchard cut my hair like the ESPLANADE when I asked him for wash and go hair. Rarrr.
Recently I casually gifted my mom a bottle of the Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil. And today she beams and tell me…
“Eh you know that hair oil? Good leh. I just apply when my hair is semi dry, and you see, my hair now more relaxed. Not so curly. I don’t look like Mcdonald any more.”
She continues, “Also not so oily! And I like it on my hands too – very moisturising! Very good.”
“Ok Ma, so you tell me when you need me to add it to your next Essential Rewards. Besides your Life 9, Ningxia Red, Omegagize, DiGize and Thieves.” (She’s getting very good at telling me what to get, hmmm.)
So there you go. If you have natural (UNRULY) curls, or flyaway iffy hair or even if you just want some REAL FOOD FOR YOUR ROOTS, get some Mirah lustrous hair oil today. *waves a bottle at you*
P.S. I use this for Juvia too cos I was so afraid the conditioner would make the bathroom floor slippery. Beams!

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