Working out with kids


That was my excuse during the past few years as Ju and Sol are growing up. It felt hard to carve time for myself to get out of the home amidst juggling work and the house chores. Plus MOM GUILT came in a BIG WAY for me too. Even if its just a 20 mins workout.
You know the saying – “If it’s important, you’ll find a way. If its not, you’ll find an excuse.”? So so true.
Still I did not take action on my fitness goals until I stumbled on this video:
From the get go, I am so inspired by Sharny! Imagine a mom of 5 kids, finding a way to doing her workouts WITH them as weights. I also love her message of confidence – it takes a lot for a woman to flaunt her body, stretch marks and all and BE PROUD of them!
I tried it with Ju and Sol last evening. With Ju at 23 kg and Sol at 13 kg, it does make for an intense workout even though I’ve only clocked ten minutes:
1. Carrying Sol, modified kettlebell swing (keep your back straight!)
2. With Ju on my feet, crunches
3. Carrying Sol, side to side squats
4. Carrying Ju, stationary squats
5. With Sol on my back, modified push ups
Results? My upper torso and thighs got a challenging workout and I can even feel some aches today.
And what YL products did I use for this workout?
1. AgilEase to help strengthen my joints especially my back
2. Cool Azul Sports Gel + Pain Cream for the aching muscles
3. I am also thinking that AmnioWise and PowerGize from YL USA would be great for quicker recovery
Do you incorporate any weights in your workouts or even do interval training or HIIT? I would love to know!

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