First Run After 7 Years


“My goal is to run 5 km under 45 minutes by late June!”
And so I declared to my small group for my health goal.
I haven’t ran in 7 years since my first pregnancy.
I’ve put on a lot of weight since then. @@
I’ve gone from working out 6 days a week to sending and fetching my kids to school as workouts. -_____-;;
Thanks to 2 pregnancies, I don’t do so well in high impact workouts since I’m not so toned DOWN THERE. #yougofigure #needkegel
So last night, I did a test run to benchmark my cardiovascular stamina. Results? I clocked 2.27 km at 20 mins, pacing comfortably.
Some tips for a comfortable run if you are easing back to one after a long long time:
1. Music!
I need music to distract myself from “When is it over when is it over, why am I doing this why am I torturing myself??” So I picked some songs of a good pace to rev my pace and spirit up.
2. Bluetooth earphones
Earphone wires swinging in my view? Uurgh. Bluetooth wireless ear buds for the win!
3. Take it easy
I guess I could shoot for 5 km in my first run but I still want to run more often these weeks so I deliberately take it easy for the first run. I didn’t want to get so stiff and uncomfortable in the upcoming days.
4. Peppermint / Cool Azul Sports Gel for those hot muggy runs
And just in case I get the post workout soreness, here is what I did to ease myself afterwards:
1. I liberally applied Cool Azul Sports Gel on my shoulders, thighs and calves. For ADDED SHIOKNESS, store it in the fridge. Really awesome for those hot days and warm nights.
2. In case of strained muscles, I have my Cool Azul Pain Cream on standby.
3. To make sure I breathe well and not wheeeeezzzzeee, I have RC on standby.
4. I drink warm water with Vitality Grapefruit to help flush toxins and help manage appetite. ๐Ÿ˜›
Do you run as part of your workout regime? Where do you like to run?

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