Deodorant Hacks


No one likes to smell like ripe cheese in this hot weather so here’s some toxic free deodorant hacks for you! As usual, these are contributed by many lovely peeps on FB land so try it at your discretion:
1. Since there are so many lovely smelling oils, try your favourite on your underarms to hide that pong! I’ve heard that some favourite deodorant replacements are oils like Geranium and Valor. If you want to try citrus oils, just be mindful to dilute for comfort and that these oils can darken skin in the sun. (Actually for a nice tan in the sun, I’ve heard that Cel Lite massage oil helps!)
2. Citronella makes for an awesome deodorant and doesn’t sting if you just shaved. Plus it’s ease to travel with in a 5/8 dram.
3. Your Thieves personal care range – toothpaste, hand purifier – may be used too. Clothes need freshening up after you sweat quite a storm? Try spraying Thieves Spray on your clothes!
4. Use Cortistop to help get rid of smelly stress sweat. Just follow directions on the bottle.

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