Armpit Detox Hacks


Do you know our skin absorb what we apply on it? Not such a good idea when there could be questionable ingredients like aluminium in a number of deodorants. Plus our lymph nodes are right smack at the site too.
So here are some armpit detox hacks for you! As again, these are contributed by generous peeps on FB land so try it at your discretion:
1. Lavender – If you’ve been using an aluminum containing deodorant and want a detox, Lavender oil on clean pits at night will start to pull out the aluminum and the years of stink you held in. You will want to run for the shower in the morning 🤢 but it works.
2. Purification – With roller bottle all over lymph nodes, even breast. Just don’t hit the sauna after or you will wonder why they suddenly are on fire. 🔥 😂

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