HAIR. You know… that crowning glory on your head. For some, it’s EXACTLY how they would like it – straight / silky / curly / lustrous. But alas for Ma and I, we have what I call… “TRICK HAIR”. The kind that gets us to travel to the ends of the Earth (ok, Singapore) […]

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What Cleared My Hives

  I shared recently that I was struggling with hives since Dec. At its worst, it hits my chest, face, legs and feet. Itchy itchy!! And now I’m pleased to share what helped me after a number of rounds of testing and tweaking with lifestyle changes and YL products. So here’s what helped for me:

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Mum Brain is real!

  Mom brain is real! That brain fog, that forgetfulness, like a perpetual low hanging cloud. Here’s some tips that could help: 1. Sleep Yes I can hear you scoff at me. If you are a mom of a baby or toddler, this might feel undoable. But how about taking that nap when you can?

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