Keeping Morning Sickness at Bay


MORNING SICKNESS. For a few blessed ones, it’s non existent. But for many of us, it’s something that we put up with especially in the first trimester. Worse! Some women goes on to have it till the second or even third tri. Urks.
Here’s some tips to keep it at bay!
– Lots of Ningxia Red and Nitro. Add Lime Vitality to Ningxia Red for an additional boost
– Protein can keep nausea at bay so try the Pure Protein by YL. I personally increase my protein intake (chicken and beef) during both my pregnancies too. Dark leafys are a must too!
– Another good combo to try is Master Formula + Ningxia Red. Some other good supplements for overall pregnancy wellness would be Super B, Mindwise, Omegagize, Mineral essence and Multigreens.
– and yes huff your Peppermint when you feel nauseous. Can’t do Peppermint? Try any citrus oils, Idaho Blue Spruce or Frankincense.
– Rubbing spearmint over the liver in the morning could be useful too!

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