What Cleared My Hives


I shared recently that I was struggling with hives since Dec. At its worst, it hits my chest, face, legs and feet. Itchy itchy!!

And now I’m pleased to share what helped me after a number of rounds of testing and tweaking with lifestyle changes and YL products. So here’s what helped for me:
– Since hives is a sign of hyperacidity, I took Alkalime 2x a day to balance my body’s pH levels. This help for a while, I saw my hives reduced… but it came back after that.
– I was rechecking my Zyto report and was wondering whether it was a hormonal/endocrine imbalance. Deny Sentosa asked me to try Cortistop and Endogize. Again it helped for a bit but the hives still return.
– I applied Endoflex, Myrrh and ingested Lavender. Applied Lavender body lotion. Same results.
– Decided to switch up my lifestyle. Previously I slept at 1 am but have problems sleeping since I’ll wake up at 3 am to scratch! So I decided to switch my wake up time to 6 am, sleep by 11 pm and make sure I do morning brisk walks to work up a sweat. Read that hives can also be caused by stress and exercise is a great stress reliever!
– Present Time and Sandalwood on accupressure points to work on my fears and absolute self acceptance. I noticed I have a lot of sadness coming up especially with Present Time. I’m grateful for the release!
– Upon the advice of Joanna Goh who tried many different products to knock off her long standing hives, I decided to stop the others (cos I wanted to test what really works) and did high doses of Omegagize twice daily. The bottle suggested 2 capsules 2x a day and I did 10 caps each time, so that’s 20 a day. Added Super C. Followed bottle label of 2 caps 2x a day. Both supplements are really good for skin health!

– Gut health is also part of what helps hives but since I’m already on 4 x Life 9 and Essentialzymes4 and Detoxzymes daily after meals, I didn’t do anything additional.

Results? Some hives popped up on the first day but they weren’t itchy. Then it completely stopped. This has been 5 days ago. I’m now testing reducing Omegagize down to 2 to 4 caps 2x daily and maintained my doses of Super C. The hives didn’t reappear, yippee!

I truly believe that we are sovereigns over our own bodies and its really up to us to understand what’s lying beneath the surface of our illnessesphysical, mental and emotional. We could go to a doctor and pop antihistamines but in my humble opinion, it would definitely work but it doesn’t tackle the underlying root cause. I encourage you to get curious on what’s going on with your body and have patience. Wishing you all the best in health. You deserve it!

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