Past couple of weeks, I felt like I have been living in a fog. Low energy, lethargic, listless, unmotivated and unexcited.

So when the Business Times article on languishing came out, I was like AH NO WONDER!! [insert metaphoric slap on my forehead].

I was actually wondering is it just me, or is it the general KOHFID air or something. Geez.
Adding on to this, I was also following a few Human Design practitioners on IG as well. One of them is Eli Canali, a business coach and mentor, intrigues me with her branding and direction.
While many focused on the service they can provide, Eli focus a lot more on the theme of opulence. She makes it a point to dress up beautifully each day and yes these photos are also on her IG too. She shows videos of her very luxurious cosmetics that she uses daily. She speaks a lot on how we women are designed to receive and not to keep giving. Wah.
Maybe it sounds fluff but hey this woman also have content that is picked up by Forbes too.
So it got me thinking… what’s really in my way to create that opulence for myself? While I don’t resonate with the cosmetics and the dressing up, my definition of opulence is to feel really taken care of, to feel really pampered, nurtured, and believing that I am living my life well.
Oils that really get me into that opulent mood:

1. Lady Sclareol – seductive, utterly feminine and unapologetic about it
2. Sandalwood – gets me out of my funk, gives a sense of hope and peace for me
3. Joy – floral, openess, happiness
Feminine. Soft. Embracing. Nurturing.

Cos when I can shift myself in that very moment, I can take small steps to shift the other areas in my life too.


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