Mum Brain is real!


Mom brain is real! That brain fog, that forgetfulness, like a perpetual low hanging cloud. Here’s some tips that could help:

1. Sleep
Yes I can hear you scoff at me. If you are a mom of a baby or toddler, this might feel undoable. But how about taking that nap when you can? Even if it is a a 15 minute lying down in bed and doing nothing, it helps. Tremendously. Your to-do list can wait.

2. Stop multi tasking
Instead, do things one at a time. The human brain is not wired to multi task but to complete one thing at a time. We live in a world that is highly distracting thanks to social media, online chat groups, and a society that promotes efficiency and productivity over restfulness and slowing down. Focus has become a rare commodity these days. And we pay the price with our memory.

3. Ask for help
If you catch yourself unwilling to ask for help just because you think your hubs will mess it up, no one else can do it better, it’s quicker to do it yourself, well then you might be tiring yourself more than necessarily (remember pt 1?). So ask for help. And really be ok if things are not done your way. Done is better than perfect. Most of the times anyway.

4. YL supplements
I generally like these for supporting memory and brain health:
– Ningxia Nitro – when I feel groggy and foggy, this helps me A LOT
– Omegagize – cos fish oils is fantastic for the brain. More details on why Omegagize is better than your generic store fish oils –
– Mindwise – if you want a vegetarian version of Omegagize

5. And lastly if you need a boost in memory and focus, these applied or diffuse can help:
– Peppermint
– Grapefruit
– Rosemary

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