Rejuvenating sun kissed skin after swimming

The school holidays are here and we have been swimming every day! Fun and sun and water, yay! Blemishes and dry skin thanks to chlorinated water, not so much.
So this afternoon is us 3 dabbing the YL Charcoal Mask on our faces. Ju has some red spots on her face thanks to the chlorinated water drying her skin out. Plus she’s on the verge of puberty so some deep cleansing can’t go awry.
I have a spotty chin that makes me sigh every time I see it. And Sol, ha, well, this young boy just wanna join in the fun.
It’s refreshing to feel the minty-ness of Peppermint from the mask in such hot weather. The kids like to sit in front of the fan to dry the mask out quicker and wear their “granite masks”. 🤣
We all have nice soft clean skin after we wipe it off. Even Ju who doesn’t really like anything on her face, says that we should do this once a week to keep our skin pretty! 😄

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