Self Care for Busy Mums

  SELF CARE FOR BUSY MOMS (like geez, which mom isn’t busy?!) I had a lot of fun writing this tongue in cheek article (but oh so true for me) for the One Drop May newsletter. I wanted to share with you all since Mother’s Day is coming up! Regardless how you think of yourself …

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  There’s so many personality profiling tools nowadays but none has impacted my life as much as the Enneagram Profile. Jonathan Teo and I have done it some years ago and till today, I’m still astounded at how much we are still benefiting from it. Unlike most tools which focus on the present and little …

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Emotions = E-motion

I don’t know about you but whoa the self criticism game is strong in me. It can go on and on and dammit, it’s freaking convincing. Especially when I start comparing myself to others and find myself lacking. Doing this long enough will get me to believe in these statements and leaving me feeling a …

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Heal From Grief

  Just yesterday, I’ve a number of people texting me privately about how to heal from grief. I pray this helps. Credit: Dr Carolyn Mein and her work on Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

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