Raindrop for kids

  IMMUNITY WEAPONS I get ever so jumpy when any of my kids start sniffling or sneezing. Because when one kid is down, it starts a chain reaction and before I know it, everyone gets it. You know kids… so INDISCRIMINATE at passing yucks around. It’s a joke in my household that Jon gets sick […]

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  For some reason I really love the Kidscent animals on the Kidscent range. They look so TOOT, with their (-_____-) expressions and paws, hoofs, wings, dangling at the front. Mega love! And oh plus they are so awesome for any human – babies, kids, adults. Here’s my tips on using these products: BATH GEL

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Is it really true?

  I get it I get it. You hear the good stuff about Young Living Essential Oils. You bought them. You are excited and you can’t wait to open these little bottles of miracles till you hear one or more below: “Eucalyptus and Peppermint is not safe for kids.” “You should avoid some oils if

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I love my Clary Sage

  This week I’m in task driven mode! Eeks so many things to do before we fly for the Young Living International Grand Convention this Sunday! *roll on the floor and clutch my head* And my kids! Raaarrrrr, why are they always asking for Mommy, Mommy, Mommy and SO ACTIVE in the home!? This mama

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Happy Mother’s Day

  “What three things are you thankful for today?” We started this morning practice recently with the kids. At first they didn’t quite understand the word “grateful” so we explained it’s kinda similar to “thankful”. This practice helps us adults and kids to start our days nicely and Juju would remind us if we forget!

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