Happy Mother’s Day


“What three things are you thankful for today?”

We started this morning practice recently with the kids. At first they didn’t quite understand the word “grateful” so we explained it’s kinda similar to “thankful”. This practice helps us adults and kids to start our days nicely and Juju would remind us if we forget! 😁😁
I love hearing what the kids are grateful for… sometimes they remind me of the small things that I overlook!
“I’m grateful Mommy let me chat to Ah Ma on her laptop.”
“I’m grateful for the school holidays!”
“I’m grateful my favourite rice soup is coming.”
Happy Mother’s Day all! Even if you aren’t technically a mother, I believe all women would have been a mother of sorts to someone in their lives!
P.S. There’s been much discussion and even webinars on resilience, mindset shifts and the art of pivoting in Covid19 times.

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