Handy tips for oiling kids


Have you ever want to oil your kid and SELF DOUBT just creeps in?

I was the same too when I wanted to try essential oils to build up my kids’ immunity. I was pretty flustered then! Some common questions:
1. What oils can I use?
2. Where do I apply?
3. How much should I use?
4. Are there any oils that’s not safe for my kids?
5. Do I need to dilute with a carrier oil? Ommgg what’s the ratio?

I got cha, mommas and papas! Here’s some handy guidelines:

1. If in doubt, just apply the oils on the soles. Our soles have reflexology points that correspond to each part of our bodies so you can’t go wrong there! Moreover soles are thick and are pretty comfy regardless what oils are applied.
2. The principle of oiling is always “little but often”. A drop or 2 to start with… and you can always oil again if you want to “top up”.
3. Dilution – I tend not to dilute, but if you wish to, you can always shoot for 50:50 and adjust as you go along. Always have a edible carrier oil on standby so you can always adjust as you can go along!

With my members, I do teach a lot more in detail though the above guidelines will be a good start!
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