New to Oiling? Let’s learn together!


When I first became a oiler, it was a couple of years before YL SIngapore opened. Oiling was VERY NEW then and there wasn’t much education about how to use oils. So for a good few years, my oils were sitting at my bed, unopened and unused.

I didn’t know how to use.
I was worried what if I use them wrongly?
Is it safe?
How many drops?

When I rejoin as a Singapore member in 2012, I was pregnant and decided to spend each night reading and learning. From lacking confidence to being sure of what I was doing… that was honestly the best gift I can give to myself.

And so if you are in the same boat… if you are unsure how to use your oils… is it safe? Can you use them directly on your kids and babies? Then come, let’s start learning together!
This FB group has been created about 8 years ago and so much information have been compiled here. And we have such a great community here that helps each other too.
You can search for a topic and just spend 5 mins each day reading or watching before bed. Doable ya?

You can do it! I believe in you! 🙂

P.S. Oh goodness I don’t look as though I’m talking in the second half of my video. 😆😆 But as long you geddit, it’s good to me!

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