Self Care for Busy Mums

  SELF CARE FOR BUSY MOMS (like geez, which mom isn’t busy?!) I had a lot of fun writing this tongue in cheek article (but oh so true for me) for the One Drop May newsletter. I wanted to share with you all since Mother’s Day is coming up! Regardless how you think of yourself

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Beautiful Peepers

  Long work days. Unrestful sleep. Kids who keep waking up. Welcome to the world of dark eye circles! (YEESH) And while we love bags, EYE bags is definitely not something we want. Here’s some hacks for having beautiful eyes! 1. Rub (gently) Tranquil or Valor under your eyes for those panda eyes. 2. Rub

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Deodorant Hacks

  No one likes to smell like ripe cheese in this hot weather so here’s some toxic free deodorant hacks for you! As usual, these are contributed by many lovely peeps on FB land so try it at your discretion: 1. Since there are so many lovely smelling oils, try your favourite on your underarms

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Valor as a Prepper

  VALOR AS A PREPPER So many of us love Valor and use it for various reasons: 1. Instill courage when we need an extra oomph for that critical presentation or when our kids need some liquid courage (haha yes a pun) for that exam 2. A great night’s sleep 3. If you have a

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Baby Juvia’s Sleep Pouch

  Here’s my sleep pouch for Juvia. She’s 19 months going on 20 and depending what the situation calls for, I use different oils: 1. Valor roll on is formulated to address emotions. So this is calming, grounding and steadies her. 2. Rutavala is used when she’s been having screaming episodes at night at 3

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Roll Away

  Today like any other days in Singapore has been HOT! And yes as usual, Faith sweats a lot and is always armed with her hanky, her fan, her water bottle and her Peppermint in her rollerball necklace! Its such a godsend to just roll it on my head and neck rather than digging through

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